Meet the Sires​


ZEUS - $2k Paid In Full or $3k with $1k lock-in

New Shade Rojo & Tan Fluffy

Cream Carrier

6 Panel Health Clear

This boy is a showstopper with his unique New Shade Rojo & Tan Full Fluffy coat and striking features. ⚡

✅ Thick bone
✅ Bug Head

✅ Orange Cherry Tan Points

✅ No Muzzle, Flat Face

✅ No Tail

✅ Short Legs

✅ Big Paws
✅Calm, Affectionate, Curious

Zeus embodies the epitome of what Frenchiverse believes to be French Bulldog perfection. With the PAWfect balance of Structure & DNA 🧬 all packed into one teeny little Puppy. ⚡

Born from world-class bloodlines 🩸, Zeus is destined for greatness. Bricks his dad, is a stunning New Shade Rojo and Tan Fluffy, and his mom, a gorgeous New Shade Isabella and Tan. They have passed down their exceptional qualities to him. ⚡


COMET - $1k

Blue & Tan Merle

Isabella + Fluffy Carrier

4 Panel Health Clear

This male has it all. He's a Blue & Tan Merle carrying Fluffy & Isabella with no pied and no brindle. Look at those eyes! His rare genes can produce puppies with colorful eyes such as blue, green, hazel, and gold! Comet is gentle, loyal, caring, and very sweet.

This rare combination is something you can’t afford to leave out of your program.


ORION - $1k

Lilac & Tan - New Shade Isabella Producer

Carries testable chocolate and cream

4 Panel Health Clear

orion is a Lilac & Tan New Shade Isabella Producer with No Pied and No Brindle. His mom is a Platinum Lilac & Tan with No Pied & Brindle. His dad is a New Shade Isabella & Tan with No Pied & No Brindle. Orion can produce some extremely high quality puppies with the right female.

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